Can you beat the 7-Ball Challenge at Fire Safety Stick?


As we complete the comprehensive refurbishment of the new Fire Safety Stick HQ, we would like invite everyone of our distributors and their clients, to come over and visit us and enjoy a cappuccino or two in the coffee bar and lounge, to find out more about the Fire Safety Stick and our journey. And of course, join in with our FSS 7 Ball Challenge on the pool table. In fact, anyone interested in the Fire Safety Stick is welcome to come along

So, what’s the 7 ball challenge?

It’s really simple, six balls plus the 8-ball black are racked on the table.  Ready?


With the cue ball,  you need to pot all six balls, and then the black… STOP THE CLOCK. It’s that easy! (Just watch Sergio explain it in action, in the video below)

We’ve kept the rules nice and simple too.

  • You must wait for all balls on the table to stop moving before taking the next shot.
  • Pot the white or black (before the end), then the ball must run through the complete “under table run” and be placed back on the table. The black on the spot, the white behind the line.
  • No foul or additional penalty for potting the white or black early, likewise if you miss a ball, but you must attempt to hit a ball if snookered and not miss or hit the black on purpose.

So what are you waiting for? What time can you do it in? Where will you be on our leaderboard?

Oh yes the leader board? If any one from Top Gear is viewing, this is nothing like the magnetic full height board with white name strips displaying past names and times. It just looks very very similar 😉

So if you haven’t booked your time to FSS HQ, here in Luton, just drop an email to the team today – and we will get the coffee freshly ground ready for you.