Welcome to the next stage in becoming an

Approved Distributor of the Fire Safety Stick  

Please read the notes below carefully and then complete and submit the form below.

Firstly, on behalf of Fire Safety Stick, we would like to thank you for wanting to become approved distributors of this unique, innovative fire extinguisher which is proving to be incredibly popular across many different sectors.

However, before you can begin selling the product to your clients and contacts, it is absolutely imperative that you fully understand the product and the requirements necessary in order to sell it. After all, it is a life-safety device and therefore as such, it must never be mis-sold to consumers. We are very proud of the high standards that all our distributors maintain when selling, it is important that we maintain these high standards, it is a responsibility we take very seriously.

The Process

Once you have completed the form below and submitted it, we will verify the data and email you our approved distributor terms and conditions for you to check, electronically sign, and send back to us. Once received back, we will then begin the onboarding process with you. This includes:

The Onboarding Video that you, and your customer/sales team, must watch. It explains the product in detail, how to use it, classifications of fires etc, but it also covers all the marketing materials and sales advice to help them with their sales.

Access to the Reseller Marketing Folder – for all those marketing and support materials etc. This is constantly being updated with new materials each day. It is from here that you will have the resources to populate your website and e-shop with images, graphics and information.

Linktree Website – We will create a personalised Linktree website that you can share (via QR codes and keyrings for example). This shows links to your website and social media, direct to your e-shop selling the FSS and other FSS information videos you can share with your customers

FSS Website Listing – Once we have the full details on how you wish your web listing to appear (selling online/offline, shop address details, website etc), we will update our list of approved distributors on our website. NB your web listing on our site will appear with the same prominence as everyone else, we do not differentiate between “direct-resellers” and “referred-resellers” – You are all approved distributors of Fire Safety Stick

All of this is typically completed within 1-2 working days from receipt of the electronically signed Terms and Conditions.

From there, you’ll be ready to start selling the Fire Safety Stick as an Approved Distributor!