Looking for an extra secure way of mounting your Fire Safety Stick?


All Fire Safety sticks come with a FREE single mounting clip. This is ideal for multiple mounting options around the home, office, workshop, caravan, motorhomes and boats. You can even use it in the car or van too, but sometimes, you might need an extra secure method of mounting. Well, now there are several third party mounting solutions available. These have been developed by enthusiasts of the FSS.

Predominately these have been aimed at the rally and motorsport markets and so you can be sure that they are perfect for high vibration environments. These are all produced by third party suppliers and are not directly affiliated with Argento Global Solutions Ltd – UK & Ireland importers of the Fire Safety Stick. However, most are available from your Fire Safety Stick stockist, so why not enquire when purchasing your Fire Safety Stick.

Supplier – Pinon Transmissions

These are metal clips and base plate which is available in different sizes for the FSS25, FSS50 and FSS100 models and available in a range of colours to suit the customer requirements. Also, they can be supplied with screw holes for mounting or with 3M VHB tape (the adhesive tape that is used to mount Go-Pros to cars/helmets etc). The holding clips have small rubber rings to prevent accidentally falling out under heavy vibrations. For direct enquiries, please contact Chris McKnight at Pinion Transmissions- 07775 738237 email: chrismcknight151@btinternet.com

Supplier – JED Engineering

Also aimed initially at the rallying market, Jack at JED Engineering set out to produce a 3D printed bracket for the FSS. Options are available to fit all models of FSS and can have a curved base plat to fit differing radii of roll bars (and secured by cable ties for example) or flat for regular surfaces. The bases also come with screw holes for more permanent fixing.  They also have the option of a securing belt to ensure there is no chance of falling out regardless of the vehicle vibration and yet can be easily and quickly removed in an emergency. Direct enquiries https://www.jed-engineering.com/category/fire-safety-stick-brackets


QuickFist Clamps

These have proved very popular in North America with our counterparts Element fire. These again can be used in all manner of locations. They can be used as a single clamp, though we would typically recommend double for complete confidence. These are a solid rubber construction and you simply grab the tag and lock it in place to hold the FSS. At their base is a hole again for mounting a screw or bolt to the mounting surface. These are available from

Supplier – Bruce Edwards

Ok, this one is a little specific but still worth a mention. Bruce has produced carbon fibre door cards for various rally cars and has included a special built-in secure mount for the Fire Safety Sticks. If you would like to know more, please contact Bruce direct 07887795910 or email him at brucerally@gmail.com