Welcome to the Fire Safety Stick guidance video’s

Introducing the Fire Safety Stick

Bringing fire extinguishing into the 21st century!

Here are some useful videos to demonstrate how versatile, effective and easy to use the Fire Safety Stick is.

Car Engine Fire

Manufacturers demonstration under controlled conditions to put a fire out

Kitchen Cooking Oil Fire (Class F)

Leaving cooking oil or fats unattended and a fire starts? With the Fire Safety Stick dealing with it couldn’t be easier. Keep it handy under the kitchen sink with its FREE mounting bracket. No need to get too close as you might even with a fire blanket. The FSS is safety to put out that fire easily and safely.

NB Don’t ever do this with a standard traditional extinguisher!

Let the FSS put the fire out without you!

The clever thing with the Fire Safety Stick is that if you are not comfortable fighting the fire and would rather get and escape to safety (as the fire brigade recommend) with the FSS you can just activate it and leave it near the fire to suppress and extinguish it. If you were comfortable with direct it to the fire during the early stages you can do that also. The best of both worlds! Of course, like all fires and fire extinguishers, this will always be dependent on the size of the fire, catching it early. Safety should always come first!

Durability test

If you drop a traditional extinguisher, you could be in a terrible mess!

No problem with the Fire Safety Stick. Here, we will drop it on the brick-paved floor, hack saw it, and even drill into it. Once activated, it will put out the demo fires. This is because the Fire Safety Stick is not pressurised in its usual state. As a result, it has a shelf life of at least double any other extinguisher (min 10 years) and needs no maintenance or servicing during that time. Just one of the reasons why the Fire Safety Stick is the one to choose.

Tumble Drier Fire at home

Fires in Tumble Driers or even any kitchen and domestic appliance can be quite common. With the Fire Safety Stick, you can easily and safely stop that fire at the early stages before it gets too big.

Does it cause damage to your car, like a Dry Powder extinguisher would?

I’ll risk it on my own car to prove it it doesn’t!

How easy is it to activate? Is it safe?

The Fire Safety Stick is extremely easy to activate and safe to use. But unlike other traditional extinguishers, you won’t set it off accidentally. Plus its extremely safe. Although it removes oxygen from the fire itself, it does not remove oxygen from humans or animals nearby. With traditional CO2 fire extinguishers, the gas is extremely cold, potentially causing “freeze-burns” – no problem with the Fire Safety Stick.

Likewise, the discharge from the Fire Safety Stick is safe to breathe in too. OK, we don’t recommend it at all of course, but it is harmless. If you ever inhale any powder from a dry powder extinguisher and you will be feeling very unwell for a few days afterwards!

Ideal for boats