Fire Safety Stick is now in the pits and with crew members in F1!


We have been waiting to share this exciting news for awhile now, and we can finally tell it to the world!


Implemented for its many benefits over traditional extinguishers, such as:

  • It leaves ZERO damaging mess
  • Ease of use
  • 15 year shelf life
  • Longer discharge time
  • Durability and hard wearing
  • Environmentally friendly
  • & much more!

But, that’s not all.

The main reason that the Fire Safety Stick has found its way to F1 is in large part of the ever growing number of success stories from varying motorsport competitions and tournaments. The Fire Safety Stick is most notably being the go-to option for most rally cars and drivers. In fact, recently a rally driver by the name of Frank Kelly had an engine fire during a rally stage, whilst driving the infamous ‘Baby Blue’ rally car, he was able to extinguish the fire with his Fire Safety Stick in seconds (you can find the video of the incident on YouTube, search ‘Frank Kelly Fire Safety Stick’).

We are very proud that the Fire Safety Stick is playing its part in saving people lives, property and hobbies, and will now continue to do so on one of the biggest motorsport stages in the world!

From just 215g, it’s the world’s lightest!

No damaging mess or residue

Traditional extinguishers often create more damage than the fire

Longer discharge times

Min discharge time is 50 seconds in comparison to a 1kg traditional powder extinguisher that is just 7 seconds


3 X the shelf-life and No maintenance required

Traditional extinguishers last 5 years max and must be serviced


All major classes of Fire

Even kitchen fires. No dangerous gambling if you have the right type

CE UKCA & RINA Certified

Plus fully tested and certified for all major classes of fire. And many international certifications

Leave it to fight the fire while you escape

Or use it directly to aid your escape

Durable, non-pressurised

Drop it, pierce it, it will still work! And no accidentally setting it off!


Totally harmless to humans & animals

Safe to breathe, even in confined areas

Environmentally friendly

No harmful by-products

Easy to recycle

Can be domestically recycled. Traditional extinguishers must be professionally removed.

The Fire Safety Stick is suitable for all kinds of environments and situations, especially in motorsport as shown by this breaking news! 

Firstly, it’s incredibly light, weighing from just 215g (compared to 2.25kg of the smallest dry powder extinguisher).  The Fire Safety Stick can be mounted in any orientation, giving much greater flexibility and potentially faster access in case of an emergency. 

It leaves no damaging mess or residue. The damage from the discharge of traditional extinguishers is well documented, often resulting in very costly clear-up operations or even a potential item or vehicle write-off. At the very least the items/vehicle will be out of action for some considerable time. Even without an actual fire, these are often discharged by accident. With the Fire Safety Stick, there is no longer a risk of this at all. Firstly, it is almost impossible to accidentally activate it. But if it was purposely activated, simply open the vehicle windows, to vent the totally harmless and environmentally friendly vapour out, it will leave remaining evidence of its activation. In fact, there have been several occasions where a vehicle has had an engine fire, quickly extinguished by the Fire Safety Stick, and once checked it was safe to do so, the driver was able to continue with their journey! Plus, are you aware of the health dangers exposed to the vehicle operator from inhaling/ingesting the discharge from a dry powder extinguisher? Typical effects include diarrhoea, respiratory tract irritation and a potentially dangerous elevated heart rate. 

The Fire Safety Stick needs no servicing during its 15-year shelf life. The Fire Safety Stick needs only the most basic regular maintenance checks, but these can be easily done yourself. Plus, because the Fire Safety Stick has a shelf life of at least three times that of those traditional extinguishers there is an added significant cost saving. 

A final point to note is that in some common vehicle fires it’s far more effective than that of dry powder or foam extinguisher. These types of extinguishers are very directional and work with gravity, meaning if there is a fire under the vehicle, such as with hydraulic fluids within the transmission system, they are much less effective, whereas the Fire Safety Stick is able to surround the area with the active agent, engulfing the fire. 

All in all, it can be clearly seen that the Fire Safety Stick is the fire extinguisher of choice for everyone with all its cost and safety benefits.