Introducing the FIRE SAFETY STICK for Business

Already proven with many successes within the domestic sectors including motorsport, classic car and homes, the Fire Safety Stick can now be installed within many commercial environments.

The team behind the Fire Safety Stick here in the UK have many years of experience within the commercial fire safety sector. The company’s founder, Sergio De Michele was previously the owner of one of the UK’s leading fire safety and engineering companies, specialising not only in all aspects of fire protection (including installation and servicing traditional extinguishers) but also smoke ventilation and other life safety systems. During this time, the team have worked closely with all the leading fire safety associations and bodies, ensuring that our guidelines for the use of the Fire Safety Stick in these sectors meet the regulatory requirements.

The Advantages of the Fire Safety Stick

Of course, we are not suggesting that the Fire Safety Stick can replace all of your traditional pressurised extinguishers but in many cases, it is a suitable alternative. Plus, due to some of its advantages, it can means that it can provide fire protection in situations where it was less practical with heavy, bulky extinguishers.

Here are just some of the advantages of the Fire Safety Stick:

  • Needs no external servicing*
  • 15-year shelf-life
  • Works on all major cases of fires (A, B, C, Electrical and F)
  • Weighing from just 215g but with a long over 50 seconds discharge time
  • Leaves no damaging mess or residue – significant cost/time savings during clear-up
  • Safe to use – even in confined spaces

*Still requires annual maintenance checks, but these can be carried out internally by the customer. Further details within the maintenance guides.

And of course, for commercial premises (or even fleet vehicles) – there are significant cost savings.

For more details about the cost comparisons, click here


Real Cost Savings with the Fire Safety Stick Pro

With its unique advantages, these can mean considerable cost savings for the business with the Fire Safety Stick.

The shelf-life of at least 15 years means that an equivalent traditional pressurised extinguisher would need to be replaced three times during the life of a single FSS Pro.

Then factor in the multiple classes of fire it can do, meaning instead of needing multiple types of extinguishers for the different types of fire, whereas with the FSS you only need the one type.

Servicing – this is the big advantage of the FSS in the commercial sectors. Because the is not pressurised at all, it needs no external annual servicing by an external fire safety engineer and so there are significant cost savings for the business, not only in amounts invoiced but also in administration and potentially lost production time for the business. Of course, to meet the requirements of the Regulatory Order Act, the Fire Safety Sticks must be maintained and a correct log kept of those maintenance checks. But these can easily be carried out by the business themselves. The team at Fire Safety Stick have produced detailed guidelines on these checks that will meet the current legal requirements. More information about cost savings are here.

For more information on these maintenance guidelines, click here.


If you would like more information about utilising the Fire Safety Stick Pro within your business, please complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss the best options for you.