Two different models to choose from:

50 second and 100 seconds discharge time.

See which one is best for you

50 Seconds of discharge time

ideal for throughout the home, for cars, vans, boats, large caravans & motorhomes

100 Seconds of discharge time

ideal for commercial vehicles, engine compartments in boats, large motorhomes

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1x 50sec Fire Safety Stick

Just £74.50

2x 50sec Fire Safety Sticks

Just £135

3x 50sec Fire Safety Sticks

Just £210

1x 100sec Fire Safety Stick Pro

Just £104.40

1x 100sec + 50sec TWIN Pack Fire Safety Stick

Just £165

Extra Mounting clip

(every FSS comes with 1x free clip but why not order an additional one)

Just £5

Tactical Belt Holster

(Keep your Fire Safety Stick on you, ideal for security/event staff)

Just £10

Looking for the Roll Bar mount as featured on JayEmm on Cars Video?


Developed specifically for rallying and other motorsports, these are ideal for extreme environments to hold the Fire Safety Stick secure in your vehicle. The brackets are available in various sizes to fit roll bars OR flat surfaces and can include additional velcro straps for added security. These are manufactured and supplied by a third party and not available via this web shop (nor are they part of the offer with JayEmm on Cars). CLICK HERE to be directed to the supplier, to purchase these brackets separately. Remember, every Fire Safety Stick does come with a standard mounting clip suitable for many vehicle, house, marine, caravan, and motorhome applications.