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Fire Safety Stick in 90 seconds!

Still a bit confused about the Fire Safety Stick and how it’s better for you?

Don’t worry! Watch this video that quickly summarises the benefits of it, and you can make an informed decision about what is best to protect yourself and your lifestyle. If you still have questions or would like to learn more please go to our ‘about’ page.

Fire Safety Stick
50 Seconds

RRP £74.50 – (before discount)

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10% DISCOUNT From the above RRP 

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Fire Safety Stick
100 Seconds

RRP £104 – (before discount)

Look out for multi-pack savings

10% DISCOUNT From the above RRP 

Click the link above & use the coupon code: GJWD

From just 215g, it’s the world’s lightest!

No damaging mess or residue

Traditional extinguishers often create more damage than the fire

Longer discharge times

Min discharge time is 50 seconds in comparison to a 1kg traditional powder extinguisher that is just 7 seconds


3 X the shelf-life and No maintenance required

Traditional extinguishers last 5 years max and must be serviced


All major classes of Fire

Even kitchen fires. No dangerous gambling if you have the right type

CE UKCA & RINA Certified

Plus fully tested and certified for all major classes of fire. And many international certifications

Leave it to fight the fire while you escape

Or use it directly to aid your escape

Durable, non-pressurised

Drop it, pierce it, it will still work! And no accidentally setting it off!

Totally harmless to humans & animals

Safe to breathe, even in confined areas

Environmentally friendly

No harmful by-products

Easy to recycle

Can be domestically recycled. Traditional extinguishers must be professionally removed.

Watch this demonstration video showcasing the ability of the Fire Safety Stick on a fuel and water mix fire.

If you want to know more about the amazing Fire Safety Stick, why not watch this detailed presentation covering how it works, how to activate it, its uses and its advantages over traditional pressurised extinguishers, such as dry powder ones. Plus the fact that over the lifespan of the Fire Safety Stick it’s actually cheaper than others!