When you get your new Fire Safety Stick it is important that you mount it so it can easily be accessed by anyone in an emergency. It is a life safety device after all. Since it is so compact and light, it means it is much more adaptable for installations wherever it may be. Below we have shown its weight and dimensions so you can plan where is the most practical solution for your own individual needs.

Unlike the rather delicate but heavy, traditional pressurised extinguishers, which have very specific guidelines on mounting, the Fire Safety Stick can be wall mounted without any fear of it dropping and being activated leaving a terrible and potentially dangerous mess. The Fire Safety Stick can be mounted upwards, downwards or even horizontally, it makes no difference. It contains a solid resin which is in no way pressurised.

You could even just keep it in a drawer, but please don’t! Remember you need to access it quickly when during those early stages of a fire, and it is hidden in that kitchen drawer with all the junk, would be a nightmare! Remember every Fire Safety Stick comes with a FREE mounting clip, so it won’t take much to screw it into the door of the cupboard under the kitchen sink for example. That way you don’t need to worry about an unsightly fire extinguisher spoiling the look of your home, and yet it is easy to access by anyone in the home. Oh, and it happens to be near to one of the most likely places where a fire could occur. Please don’t mount it above the hob, especially if in a caravan or motorhome, the last thing you should be doing is having to reach over a burning pan to reach for it.

Keeping it in your car? Well, firstly take advantage of it being so small, don’t keep it in the boot where again it can be lost and valuable time will be lost going to get it, keep it within the cabin for easy reach, perhaps if not using the clip, use your door card or glovebox. For convertibles, try to keep it in a shaded/sheltered area.

For commercial vehicles or even for agriculture equipment, there are some additional tips we would recommend to compensate for the increased vibrations and harsher conditions. Firstly, consider using an additional optional clip (or twin clip bracket – as used by the rally motorsport teams), but also fit a tamper tag to help secure the striker cap. Ask your distributor about this option. If you want to fit your own tamper tag yourself, we have full instructions available. Another option is to mount the stick upside down so again, there is less chance of the striker cap falling off with the excess vibration and being lost. The twin clip option also removes possible vibration of the unit when attached directly to the body shell within a van.

Of course, every situation may be different and it’s important for you to do your own mini fire risk assessment. Think about the most likely places a fire could break out but also consider other less likely places too. If in a building, boat, caravan or motorhome, what would be your plan of escape? Can you easily reach the position of the Fire Safety Stick to aid that escape, not only for you but other family members? Make sure you are not having to reach over possible fire locations to get to it.

As we mentioned, in the vast majority of installations, the single free clip which is included with each and every Fire Safety Stick will be absolutely fine. But extra ones are available if needed.

Dimensions of The Fire Safety Sticks

To consider mounting ideas before purchase, here are the dimensions of the currently available Fire Safety Sticks.

FSS50 (50-second discharge model)

Overall length including cap and striker = 275mm

Max diameter = 34mm

FSS100 (100-second discharge model)

Overall length including cap and striker = 335mm*

Max diameter = 40mm

Metal casing diameter = 34mm

(*Dimensions are the same whether current with the small yellow cap or previous type with red sleeves. These are exactly the same units with the same specifications with just a cosmetic update of the cap replacing the sleeve)

FREE Mounting clip supplied

Base height – 10mm

Overall base width = 60mm

Distance between screw holes (screws not supplied) = 43mm