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Fire Safety Stick
50 Seconds

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Fire Safety Stick
100 Seconds

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NB: Towler And Staines are approved distributors of the Fire Safety Stick and are representing Fire Safety Stick at the Yorkshire Motorhome and Campervan Show.

The All-New Versatile Fire Extinguisher

The Fire Safety Stick is a new, innovative fire extinguisher which takes the guesswork out of using a fire extinguisher. It requires less knowledge or training for the everyday person. An extinguisher which works on 5 classes of fire, meaning less margin for error if accidentally choosing the incorrect traditional extinguisher, and making the fire worse in a high-stress situation.

The Fire Safety Stick is unlike any other extinguisher on the market. It is unpressurised and is activated much like striking a match.

Fire Safety Stick in 90 seconds!

Watch this video to see its real benefits compared to other extinguishers

With all these advantages over traditional extinguishers, it makes sense to have them not just in the caravan or motorhome but also in the home (especially the kitchen), garage or workshop.

Did you know, it’s one of the only domestic extinguishers to use on chimney fires?

From just 215g, it’s the world’s lightest!

No corrosive mess or residue

Traditional extinguishers often create more damage than the fire

Longer discharge times

Min discharge time is 50 seconds in comparison to a 1kg traditional powder extinguisher that is just 7 seconds


3 X the shelf-life and No servicing required

Traditional extinguishers last 5 years max and must be serviced

All major classes of Fire

Even kitchen fires. No dangerous gambling if you have the right type

CE UKCA & RINA Certified

Plus fully tested and certified for all major classes of fire. And many international certifications

Leave it to fight the fire while you escape

Or use it directly to aid your escape

Durable, non-pressurised

Drop it, pierce it, it will still work! And no accidentally setting it off!

Totally harmless to humans & animals

Safe to breathe.

Environmentally friendly

No harmful by-products

Easy to recycle

Can be domestically recycled. Traditional extinguishers must be professionally removed.

Do you know exactly which type of extinguisher to use and how to use it?

Recent real-life story…

A few weeks ago, there was a small gas explosion behind a caravan fridge, which consequently caused a fire. The owners, a couple who escaped unharmed, alerted surrounding residents to the situation, and the neighbours elected to help with their traditional extinguishers,  disconnecting the mains and isolating the gas. As you can tell by the photo, one of the extinguishers used was a foam extinguisher, but unfortunately, the traditional extinguisher/s had little to no effect on the fire. The fire was behind the back of the fridge and behind an external vent/grill in a cavity. Clive B., the owner of a Fire Safety Stick heard the explosion and a shout, he rushed to help the neighbours in need. When arriving he quickly realised that the traditional extinguishers, that had been used before he arrived, were not able to reach the fire, he then proceeded to activate his FSS100 (100-second Fire Safety Stick) and successfully extinguish the fire. This was achieved because the gas produced from the Fire Safety Stick was able to weave its way into the cavity and reach the source of the flames, whereas a traditional extinguisher needed a direct line of sight/attack.

We are very proud that the Fire Safety Stick was able to help prevent further loss of property, and that nobody was hurt during the event.

Don’t gamble on using the wrong type of extinguisher. – Get it wrong and it can have devastating consequences!

The Fire Safety Stick is certified for all major classes of fires, plus it’s so easy to use – all the family can easily use it without any formal training. For traditional extinguishers even if you use the correct one, it’s about having the correct technique in the right circumstances. For example, how you would direct a foam extinguisher is very different to a dry powder one. Of course, if used correctly they are very effective extinguishers. Did you know that dry powder extinguisher you may already carry should not be used in the confines of the van. Plus, it has potentially dangerous health risks in using it and that’s before on average a 1kg dry powder only discharges for 7 seconds at best! The Fire Safety Stick is able to extinguish fires through vents and in confined spaces with ease and have a discharge time of well over 50 seconds

The Fire Safety Stick weighing from just 215g and is a fraction of the size of traditional extinguishers. You can even leave it in the van to repress the fire while you and your family have escaped to safety. 

With its 15year min shelf life, with no servicing, it actually works out much cheaper than traditional extinguishers and fire blankets (which it also replaces!)