Sometimes it is not just about the possible fire in your own vehicle, that means you should carry the Fire Safety Stick. We have seen, many times now, instances when there has been a fire and another member of the public has been passing by with their Fire Safety Stick and has saved the day. And that’s precisely what happened on the last Friday of April 2023.

Benn Laidler, MBE, one of the directors of Torque Events (organisers of driving events and tours across the UK and Europe), was driving eastwards from Somerset towards the Eurotunnel, preparing for one of their upcoming European tours. Along the journey, as he was driving from Somerset along the A303, he came across a car parked in a lay-by with what he had at first thought was water pouring underneath the car. Next to the car, at a safe distance, was an elderly couple, having already managed to escape from their vehicle waiting for the fire brigade.

Having initially driven past the car, Benn realised that it wasn’t pouring water but in fact melting plastic, along with flames well and truly enveloping the front of the car. So being ex-forces and the good citizen that he is, Benn stopped his car and ran back towards the stranded burning car, holding the Fire Safety Stick at the ready.

Good job too! Because, although the fire brigade was on their way by this point, it would be at least another 5 mins before they would arrive. Although he later confessed he had never previously read the instructions for the unique fire extinguisher, Benn quickly activated the 50-second Fire Safety Stick model. He was able to quickly and completely extinguish the fire with ease. He waited at the scene for the fire brigade to arrive, ensuring that the fire wouldn’t be reignited prior to their arrival and indeed it didn’t. He added, “I think the fire brigade was a little confused, as the engine fire had been and remained extinguished.” Unfortunately, Benn had to get straight back on his way in order to make his channel crossing, but not before he handed the remains of the Fire Safety Stick to the owner of the vehicle and advised him to get one for his own peace of mind.

Speaking with Benn after the event, he added just how impressive it was to extinguish the fire so swiftly and without leaving any mess from the extinguisher. As a result, hopefully, the damage to the car will be very minimal. Benn went on to add that he would be looking to have certainly all team cars for Torque Events to carry the Fire Safety Stick and even to encourage all vehicles on the events to be prepared with the fantastic compact fire extinguisher.

On behalf of Fire Safety Stick, we would like to thank Benn for his quick thinking and selfless attitude in using his own Fire Safety Stick for the gentleman whose car caught fire. Needless to say, we will ensure that Benn won’t be out of pocket, a replacement new Fire Safety Stick has already been shipped from FSS HQ direct to him.

Thanks again Benn for saving the day for those elderly owners of the car, and on behalf of Fire Safety Stick, many thanks for supporting us and now being an ambassador for the product.

Benn Laidler, MBE on the right holding the recently spent Fire Safety Stick, with owner of the vehicle to his left, waiting for the fire brigade to arrive.