Could you deal with a fire near your horse?

Could you quickly, easily and correctly use a fire extinguisher?
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Most horse owners don’t know which is the correct type of extinguisher to use, the correct technique or maybe it’s just too big and bulky to use. Did you know that some extinguishers are dangerous to use near your horse?

The Fire Safety Stick could be the perfect solution whether at the stables, in the tack room, but especially for the horse box or trailer.

The Fire Safety Stick is different to the others!

Well… first of all, it is one of the smallest fire extinguishers available in the world! Boasting a compact 215g and 27cm x 3cm size for the 50-second model, it really is an extinguisher that can be placed anywhere. As mentioned, the base discharge time is a minimum of 50 seconds, and you may be surprised to hear this is nearly 8x longer than your typical 1kg Powder extinguisher (usually only 7 seconds at best!)

The Fire Safety Stick is an extremely versatile extinguisher, being able to fight ALL major classes of fire, this includes Classes A – Flammable solids, B – Flammable liquids, C – Flammable Gases, Electrical Fires- up to 100,000volts, and even F – Cooking Oils & Fats. This allows the user to not have to think about which extinguisher is the correct one for the fire they may have to tackle. If you were to select the wrong type of extinguisher, it can have devastating consequences. With the Fire Safety Stick, you don’t need to worry, there is no dangerous gambling. And because it’s so light it’s easy for anyone to use safely. Plus, there is no special technique required, often traditional extinguishers may fail to extinguish the fire, purely down to the lack of training for the user. The Fire Safety Stick is just point to the fire. BUT the big advantage of it, if you feel its too dangerous for you (and the horse) just leave the Fire Safety Stick to discharge, repressing the fire while you escape to safety.

Another key advantage is that the Fire Safety Stick, it has triple the lifespan of other traditional extinguishers. A total of 15 years! Most traditional extinguishers have a 5-year shelf life, of which they need to be replaced or you may risk faults at a time it is really needed.

Now, you may know what it is like to have used an extinguisher, and the toxic cleanup required after the fact. In fact, after use, there is little evidence that you have even used an extinguisher. Compare that to traditional extinguishers that often cause more damage than that of the fire itself! Your next question might be ‘What would happen if I breathed it in?’. Nothing. That’s right, nothing. The Fire Safety Stick gas is completely safe to breathe in for both humans and animals alike. This is because of the unique way the active agent tackles the fire by binding and displacing the oxygen at flame level, but without removing the breathable oxygen, even in confined spaces. So, its use is perfectly fine for indoor environments such as Tack rooms, Horse boxes, Stables, Homes, and more.

Prefect for any location

With all these advantages over traditional extinguishers, it makes sense to also have them in the home (especially the kitchen), car and caravan.

Got a log burner or fireplace?

The Fire Safety Stick is one of the only ways to safely and easily extinguish chimney fires!

From just 215g, it’s the world’s lightest!

No damaging mess or residue

Traditional extinguishers often create more damage than the fire

Longer discharge times

Min discharge time is 50 seconds in comparison to a 1kg traditional powder extinguisher that is just 7 seconds


3 X the shelf-life and No maintenance required

Traditional extinguishers last 5 years max and must be serviced


All major classes of Fire

Even kitchen fires. No dangerous gambling if you have the right type

CE UKCA & RINA Certified

Plus fully tested and certified for all major classes of fire. And many international certifications

Leave it to fight the fire while you escape

Or use it directly to aid your escape

Durable, non-pressurised

Drop it, pierce it, it will still work! And no accidentally setting it off!

Totally harmless to humans & animals

Safe to breathe, even in confined areas

Environmentally friendly

No harmful by-products

Easy to recycle

Can be domestically recycled. Traditional extinguishers must be professionally removed.

Remember, with its minimum 15 year life span, it actually works out much cheaper than traditional fire extinguishers and fire blankets which have to be replaced over and over again and are not as versatile, or as easy and safe to use!

Fire Safety Stick
50 Seconds

RRP £74.50

Look out for multi-pack savings

Fire Safety Stick
100 Seconds

RRP £104

Look out for multi-pack savings