Introducing the Fire Safety Stick

The totally new FIRE EXTINGUISHER that every home, car, boat, caravan, motorhome and even toolkit should have!

No other fire extinguisher can claim all these:

Works on ALL MAJOR classes of fire

A, B, C, Electrical & F – no trying to guess whether its the right type to use. Even COOKING OILS & FATS in the kitchen – even safer than a fire blanket. (use the wrong type of extinguisher and you can risk your life!)


Lasts far LONGER to fight the fire

It has well over double the discharge time than other domestic extinguishers. For example a typical 1kg dry powder extinguisher last just 6-7 seconds, but you get over 25 seconds minium with a FSS. Others are too short to help but the FSS lasts much longer!

PLUS, because of it’s long discharge time, you can use it to suppress the fire, clearing the way for you and your family as you escape.



No additional damage to worksurfaces or walls after a small fire. Foam or Powder extinguishers can cause far more damage than a small fire, but with the FSS there is no mess left. Ideal for car engines which would have been otherwise destroy. Means lower insurance claims too!



At just 170grams for the FSS25, you can keep it close to hand. Use the free mounting clip to hide in the cupboard. Traditional extinguishers are heavy big and unsightly. (And likely to accidentally go off if dropped)


SAFE & EASY to use

Once activated, one-handed use. Totally non-toxic and environmentally friendly. In fact, even the elderly easily can use it.


FAST but secure activation

No accidentally triggering it!


Leave it in the room while you escape

The Fire Service advises to get out and stay out! With the Fire Safety Stick, you can rapidly activate it, leave it in the room and it will continue to suppress and extinguish the fire whilst you escape out of the property. All other fire extinguishers need you to fight the fire, no need with the Fire Safety Stick!


No Servicing, No Maintenance – 10 years proven shelf-life

The majority of extinguishers have a shelf life of 5 years, and even then should be professionally serviced every 1 year. This is to ensure the pressurised gauge is not faulty, it’s the correct weight, the o-rings have not perished or the powder hasn’t clumped together. The FSS is not a pressurised extinguisher so does not need these check-ups. In facts, batch testing of FSS that were over 10 years old, have been activated and successfully extinguished fires as though they were brand new!



Every Fire Safety Stick comes with a FREE MOUNTING BRACKET to fix it to a wall, cabin, bodywork etc. so its always within easy reach.

Watch how quick, easy and safe it is to use. 


Read how the Fire Safety Stick saved Richard’s bacon in a kitchen fire where his fire blanket failed – Click here

Unlike any other extinguisher, you can activate it and leave it in the room to suppress and extinguish the fire, meanwhile, you can follow the Fire Service advice of Get Out Stay Out!

Plus with its incredible long discharge time, you can use it to protect yourself, suppressing the fire, clearing your way as you escape

Leave it in a room to suppress the fire while you escape to safety!

Ideal throughout the home, for cars, boats, large caravans & motorhomes

Ideal for the commercial premises, commercial vehicles, homes, engine bays of boats, large caravans & motorhomes

Why not get one for upstairs, the kitchen and garage?

Don’t forget to get one for the car as well.

Have you got at least one fire extinguisher at home? 

A recent report from consumer group “Which?” found that faulty household appliances typically washing machines, tumble driers, account for about 60 fires in own homes in the UK every week. Unbelievably, the majority of households do not possess a fire extinguisher. Those few that do rarely have them serviced. Did you know that traditional extinguishers (pressure based) must be serviced every single year  – if they are not, there is a highly likely hood that they will not work when needed most.

Did you know last year, there were 30,000 fires in the home attended by the fire brigade. If they had a Fire Safety Stick, the homeowner could have put the fire out easily before it was too big to manage themselves. And save lots of damage too. Household fires are most likely to occur during the day or early evening when the occupants are there and awake.

Sadly the majority of fatalities and injuries from household fires are with the over 65s – How safe are your parents or grandparents?

Fire risks around the home include:

  • Laptop and phone chargers
  • Household appliances  – portable heaters, toasters, microwaves, “white-goods”
  • Cooking with oils and fats on the hob
  • Faulty wiring
  • Electrical tools in the garage/workshop
  • Burning fabrics as a result of discarded cigarettes, candles or over heated light fittings.

Fortunately, the Fire Safety Stick can extinguish all of these types of fires providing, of course, they are dealt with swiftly. As is the case with all extinguishers once a fire reaching a certain size then no extinguisher would be able to deal with the fire and its imperative that all occupants evacuate and let the fire brigade deal with it. And of course, unlike those traditional extinguishers, Fire Safety Stick needs no servicing or maintenance – so no need to remember to book (and pay for!) its annual service. Plus the Fire Safety Stick has a proven shelf life of at least 10 years (we believe it will last even longer!)

Another great feature of the Fire Safety Stick is depending on the size of the fire, capacity of the stick and size of the room, you can activate the stick and instead of fighting the fire yourself, simply leave it in the room, closing the door. The Fire Safety Stick will continue to emit its active molecules and suppress the fire accordingly.

The lightweight compact nature of the stick and that everyone comes with a FREE mounting bracket, means that you can fit it to a wall or even inside a cupboard door so there is no need for a big bulky extinguisher getting in the way.

Sadly, there are many ways a fire can easily start in your home or garage. Within minutes, your property, not to mention your health of you and your loved ones could be at risk. Fortunately, with the new Fire Safety Stick, you can be protected. There is no other product that offers such all round fire protection quickly and easily. Small and light for you to keep it at hand when vital seconds count. It works on all major types of fires, plastic, fabric, wood, petrol, propane, electrical and even cooking oil. All other extinguishers can only work on certain types of fire, but get the wrong one and there could be horrific consequences. Not with the Fire Safety Stick though, you are perfectly safe.

Have you seen the mess an extinguisher causes? If you have a small fire in the kitchen for example, yes a traditional extinguisher may put the fire out but it will leave such mess and residue that your worktops, other nearby appliances and decoration will be ruin. With the Fire Safety Stick though there is no residue and no further damage.

Now compare the fire fighting time with the Fire Safety Stick with that conventional extinguisher. Either over 25, 50 or 100 seconds with the fire Safety Stick, whereas its just 10-12 seconds with the heavier, bulky, messer 3.5kg extinguisher. So ask yourself, which you would rather have?