It’s a sad fact that kit cars are prone to catching fire, whether it’s an electrical fault, carburettor or aged fuel line. Fortunately, the Fire Safety Stick is ideal to carry with you in the car or have it ready in the garage or workshop. Lightweight, tiny size, the longer discharge times or the fact unlike others it causes no further damage saving you potentially thousands in rewiring and engine rebuilds, makes it a must have device.

No other extinguisher can claim all these:

Works on ALL MAJOR classes of fire

A, B, C, Electrical & F – no trying to guess whether its the right type to use.So its perfect for fibreglass, plastics, textiles, wood, petrol, motor oil, diesel, gases, electrical fires and even cooking oils & fats in the kitchen (even safer than using a fire blanket.) Use the wrong type of extinguisher and you can risk your life!


Lasts far LONGER to fight the fire

It has well over double the discharge time than other domestic extinguishers. For example a typical 1kg dry powder extinguisher last just 6-7 seconds, but you get over 25 seconds minium with a FSS. Others are too short to help but the FSS lasts much longer!

PLUS, because of it’s long discharge time, you can use it to suppress the fire, clearing the way for you and your family as you escape.



No additional damage to worksurfaces or walls after a small fire. Foam or Powder extinguishers can cause far more damage than a small fire, but with the FSS there is no damaging mess left. Ideal for car engines which would have been otherwise destroyed. Treaditional dry powder extinguishers even get into the vehicles wiring, it may appear ok but over time will be come corroded leading to shorts and faulty earths. Means lower insurance claims too!



At just 170grams and measuring 3cm x 27cm for the FSS25, you can keep it close to hand. Use the FREE mounting clip to position it on the dash, body sides rear of the passenger compartment. Traditional extinguishers are heavy big and unsightly. (And likely to accidentally go off if dropped)

SAFE & EASY to use

Once activated, one-handed use. Totally non-toxic and environmentally friendly. In fact, even the elderly easily can use it. Plus its waterproof and weatherproof so its fine to be mounted on your roll bar. No need to worry if you get caught in the rain.


Leave it to work while you escape

Depending on the situation, as well as directing it at the fire to suppress it, you can also simply leave it in a confined area to suppress and extinguish the fire on its own once activated. This then allows you to retreat back to a safe distance, while it deals with the fire and prevents re-ignition. Ideal for use at the home or in a camper – meaning that you can get out and stay out as per the fire services advise instead of staying to use a traditional extinguisher.

No Servicing, No Maintenance – 10 years proven shelf-life

The majority of extinguishers have a shelf life of at most 5 years, and even then should be professionally serviced every 1 year. This is to ensure the pressurised gauge is not faulty, it’s the correct weight, the o-rings have not perished or the powder hasn’t clumped together. The FSS is not a pressurised extinguisher so does not need these check-ups. In facts, batch testing of FSS that were well over 10 years old, have been activated and successfully extinguished fires as though they were brand new!


FAST but secure activation

No accidentally triggering it!



Every Fire Safety Stick comes with a FREE MOUNTING BRACKET to fix it to a wall, cabin, bodywork etc. so its always within easy reach.

Had a engine fire,

But still drove home!


Driving home from Oulton Park in August 2019, Dave C’s TVR Tuscan caught fire. The flames from the carburettors were coming out of the vents in the bonnet towards the windscreen and even melted the windscreen wipers!

Luckily for him, he had bought a Fire Safety Stick a few weeks earlier. And using it, the fire was out within 15 seconds. And here’s what really amazed him, having cleaned the area, pressurised the fuel lines to make sure there were no leaks, the engine started first time and he was fine to drive home!

Yes, that’s right he still managed to drive the car home!

He said had he not had the Fire Safety Stick he would have surely lost the car completely. Imagine if he had a standard powder extinguisher as many do, even if he had put the fire out, he would have been faced with a bill of several thousand pounds with an engine rebuild.

See more photos here

Whether it’s a Cobra, Caterham, Ultima, Beach Buggy, or another kit car, get out there and enjoy it!

  • But have you checked those old fuel lines?
  • Is all the wiring OK?
  • Hows that carburettor?

Sadly, there are many ways a fire can easily start in your kit car. Within minutes, your pride and joy could be ruined and written off forever. Fortunately, with the new Fire Safety Stick, you can be protected. There is no other product that offers such all-round fire protection quickly and easily. Small and light for you to keep it at hand when vital seconds count. It works on all times of fires, plastic, fabric, wood, petrol, propane, electrical (and even cooking oil!) All other extinguishers can only work on certain types of fire, but get the wrong one and there could be horrific consequences. Not with the Fire Safety Stick though, you are perfectly safe.

There’s long expiry date with it (proven to be at least 10 years in fact), nor does it need any servicing and checking every year (where as other extinguishers do!) so once you have your Fire Safety Stick, its always there ready if that moment comes when you need it straight away.

Have you seen the mess an extinguisher causes? If you have small fire in the engine compartment and you use a dry powder or foam extinguisher then it’s the extinguisher that will cause far more damage than the fire did. In fact, it will ruin your engine. With the Fire Safety Stick though there is no damaging residue and no further damage to the vehicle.

Now compare the fire fighting time with the Fire Safety Stick with that conventional extinguisher. Either over 25 or 50 seconds with the Fire Safety Stick, whereas its just 6-7 seconds with the heavier, bulky, messer 1kg extinguisher (which actually weighs 2.2kg!) So ask yourself, which you would rather have?

Are you a trader within the Kit Car market? A parts and accessories supplier, kit manufacturer or even an owners club? We are looking for potential FSS stockists who can supply the incredible demand for this new and unique product. You probably saw how busy we were at Stoneleigh back in 2019. Just click this link and complete the form for more details

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