The incredible Fire Safety Stick – Every Kit car needs it!


  • Leaves NO RESIDUE & NO MESS – e.g. no additional damage to the engine or bodywork read below how a user had an engine fire and still drove home!

  • Works on ALL MAJOR types of fire – A, B, C, Electrical & F – no trying to guess whether its the right type to use.

  • Lasts far LONGER to fight the fire – over double the discharge time than other domestic extinguishers.

  • SAFE & EASY to use – Once activated, one handed use. Totally non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

  • FAST but secure activation to prevent it accidentally triggering it

  • No Servicing, No Maintenance – 10years proven shelf life

  • SMALL & LIGHT – Keep it at hand and not hidden or inaccessible in the boot

Watch the videos (including Jay Leno’s testimonial) to see it in action Click Here

Every Fire Safety Stick comes with a FREE MOUNTING BRACKET to fix it to a wall, cabin, bodywork etc. so its always within easy reach.

PLUS – the FSS is fully waterproof so its fine to be fitted to a roll bar.

Are you a trader within the Kit Car market? A parts and accessories supplier, kit manufacturer or even an owners club? We are looking for potential FSS stockists who can supply the incredible demand for this new and unique product. You probably saw how busy we were at Stoneleigh back in 2019. Just complete the form on this page for more details 

Had a engine fire,

But still drove home!


Driving home from Oulton Park in August 2019, Dave C’s TVR Tuscan caught fire. The flames from the carburettors were coming out of the vents in the bonnet towards the windscreen and even melted the windscreen wipers!

Luckily for him, he had bought a Fire Safety Stick a few weeks earlier. And using it, the fire was out within 15 seconds. And here’s what really amazed him, having cleaned the area, pressurised the fuel lines to make sure there were no leaks, the engine started first time and he was fine to drive home!

Yes, that’s right he still managed to drive the car home!

He said had he not had the Fire Safety Stick he would have surely lost the car completely. Imagine if he had a standard powder extinguisher as many do, even if he had put the fire out, he would have been faced with a bill of several thousand pounds with an engine rebuild.

Now the spring is truly here and its time to enjoy the days in your kit car whether a Cobra, Caterham, Ultima, Beach Buggy, or other replica, get out there an enjoy it!

  • But have you checked those old fuel lines?
  • Is all the wiring OK?
  • Hows that carburettor?

Sadly, there are many ways a fire can easily start in your kit car. Within minutes, your pride and joy could be ruined and written off for ever. Fortunately, with the new Fire Safety Stick, you can be protected. There is no other product that offers such all round fire protection quickly and easily. Small and light for you to keep it at hand when vital seconds count. It works on all times of fires, plastic, fabric, wood, petrol, propane, electrical and even cooking oil. All other extinguishers can only work on certain types of fire, but get the wrong one and there could be horrific consequences. Not with the Fire Safety Stick though, you are perfectly safe.

There’s no expiry date with it, nor does it need servicing and checking every year (other extinguishers do!) so once you have your Fire Safety Stick, its always there ready if that moment comes when you need it straight away.

Have you seen the mess an extinguisher causes? If you have small fire in the engine compartment and you use a dry powder or foam extinguisher then it’s the extinguisher that will cause far more damage than the fire did. If fact, it will ruin your engine. With the Fire Safety Stick though there is no residue and no further damage to the vehicle.

Now compare the fire fighting time with the Fire Safety Stick with that conventional extinguisher. Either over 25 or 50 seconds with the fire safety Stick, where as its just 10-12 seconds with the heavier, bulky, messer 2kg extinguisher. So ask yourself, which you would rather have?

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