The Versatile Fire Extinguisher

The Fire Safety Stick is a new, innovative fire extinguisher which takes the guesswork out of using a fire extinguisher. It requires less knowledge or training for the everyday person. An extinguisher which works on 5 classes of fire, meaning less margin for error if accidentally choosing the incorrect traditional extinguisher, and making the fire worse in a high-stress situation.

The Fire Safety Stick is unlike any other extinguisher on the market. It is unpressurised and is activated much like striking a match.

Its not just for cars! Its ideal for workshops, motorhomes, boats and of course, every home should have one too!

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15-Year Shelf Life

A shelf life that far out-competes other extinguishers available. Many traditional extinguishers have a shelf life of 5 years.

Discharge Time

50 or 100-second models available! In comparison, a 1kg powder extinguisher typically reaches up to 7 seconds.

Weight & Size

Weighing from only 215 grams (FSS50) or 365 grams (FSS100). Roughly 10% of the true weight of a typical 1kg powder extinguisher at 2.2kg.

5 Classes of Fires

The Fire Safety Stick is certified to tackle the following fire classifications: A – Flammable Materials, B – Flammable Liquids, C – Flammable Gases, Electrical – up to 100,000v & F – Cooking Oils & Fats.

NO Harmful Mess

The Fire Safety Stick does NOT leave behind any damaging mess or residue. Meaning any cleanup, downtime or replacements are drastically reduced.

NO Servicing

The Fire Safety Stick does NOT require a 3rd party professional service. We only recommend regular ‘maintenance’, which involves a visual check that any responsible party can perform.

Safe to Breathe

The Fire Safety Stick’s discharge does NOT impair or affect the breathing ability or vision of the user, even in a confined room.


Certified and accredited with the CE & UKCA marks.

Leave it behind

If the fire is out of control, and you do not feel safe, activate it, leave it in the room with the fire, close the door behind you and call the fire brigade at a safe distance. The Fire Safety Stick will repress the fire in your absence.


The discharge produced from the Fire Safety Stick has NO global warming potential and NO ozone depletion potential. So, you can be comfortable using it without adding harmful substances to the environment.

Easy to Recycle

After the Fire Safety Stick has been activated and the discharge has been expelled entirely. The Fire Safety Stick can be separated into two parts, an aluminium tube and a plastic handle, both can easily be recycled.


The Fire Safety Stick has been tested and successfully extinguished a fire after piercing the housing, sawing into it, submerging in water, and dropping it from shoulder height.

Fire Safety Stick in 90 seconds!

Still a bit confused about the Fire Safety Stick and how it’s better for you?

Don’t worry! Watch this video that quickly summarises the benefits of it, and you can make an informed decision about what is best to protect yourself and your lifestyle. If you still have questions or would like to learn more please go to our ‘about’ page.

Are your electrical appliances a fire risk?

Are your electrical sockets a fire risk? Overloaded electrical sockets within the home are a common cause of house fires here in the UK and Europe. With today’s increasing demands for electrical appliances, we need more and more sockets to power them with....

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Comparisons and considerations when selecting a fire extinguisher Ask yourself, if you were faced with a fire starting right now, would you be prepared, and if it was safe to do so, be confident in dealing with it, while you wait for the fire brigade to arrive? There...

Now carried by Kent Fire and Rescue Service

What do the authorities think of the Fire Safety Stick? Do the Fire Service know about these? These are common questions we are regularly asked about the Fire Safety Stick and understandably so, with such a new innovative product which is revolutionising fire safety...

Welding? Farming Workshop saved by Fire Safety Stick

It’s not just on the tractors and combine harvesters that the farmers are carrying their Fire Safety Stick. They are very handy to have in their workshops too as Scott Hosking found out a few weeks ago. Scott was busy welding in the workshop at Robert Tuckwell’s farm,...

Friendly Neighbour Helps Save ’59 Corvette

Nik Berg, himself a classic car enthusiast, owning a Series 3 Lotus Esprit, was chatting with his neighbour, admiring the neighbour's ’59 Corvette. During the conversation, the owner of the Corvette mentioned about having some starting issues. Then, whilst trying to...

Extinguishing the fire quickly and effectively

After competing at Sol Rally Barbados in 2022, John had taken a short break from competing in his Honda Civic Type R rally car. To get back into the swing of things, he entered a Sprint at his local venue, Aintree on the 27th of May 2023. However, on the first...

Rare classic car saved with valuable nearby cars escaping potential damage

Not just one but potentially several valuable, rare classics (and future classics) saved with a single Fire Safety Stick! We recently came across yet another case of the Fire Safety Stick saving certainly one very collectable car and fortunately avoiding the fire from...

Roadside Hero Saves Elderly Couples Car

Sometimes it is not just about the possible fire in your own vehicle, that means you should carry the Fire Safety Stick. We have seen, many times now, instances when there has been a fire and another member of the public has been passing by with their Fire Safety...

Combine Harvester saved by Fire Safety Stick

During the heatwave that occurred at harvest time in 2022, we received reports from one of our approved distributors, that the Fire Safety Stick effectively saved a large combine harvester from being a total write-off due to a fire starting whilst out in the fields...

Collection of the Fire Safety Stick success stories

Examples of Real Stories where the Fire Safety Stick saved the day! The Fire Safety Stick has already proven itself very quickly, especially in Motorsport, Cars, Agriculture, Caravans, Marine, Commercial Vehicles and Home sectors, so far. In fact, off the back of the...

£250,000 car saved by Fire Safety Stick

Is the Fire Safety Stick value for money? Well, you could ask Darrell Taylor, it saved his R5 rally car, valued at close to £250,000. These high-performance very specialist rally cars are just a step down from the stunning vehicles which take part in the top-tier...

Saved from a total loss thanks to the Fire Safety Stick and rally community

Rally Cup car saved – down to the Fire Safety Stick and the motorsport community Back in October 2022, Matt Chapman and Kevin Ablitt were taking part in the “Race-Keeper Twyford Woods” stages rally. Taking part in the Peugeot 206 cup car, Matt had only just gotten...

Do I need a fire extinguisher in my EV?

With more and more electric vehicles (EVs) on the road, the public is more aware of the potential consequences of fire starting within the rechargeable battery packs used to drive the car. The drivetrain in these EVs is powered by lithium-ion batteries, which have...

How should I mount the Fire Safety Stick? And what are its dimensions?

When you get your new Fire Safety Stick it is important that you mount it so it can easily be accessed by anyone in an emergency. It is a life safety device after all. Since it is so compact and light, it means it is much more adaptable for installations wherever it...

Fire Safety Stick Puts Out Gas Explosion Fire in Caravan Park!

Fire Safety Stick and quick-thinking motorhomer stops a disaster!   A few weeks ago we were informed of a small explosion at a caravan park that caused a fire...   ...The FULL story so far. A few weeks ago, there was a small gas explosion behind a caravan fridge,...

Fire Safety Stick is now in F1

Fire Safety Stick is now in the pits and with crew members in F1!   We have been waiting to share this exciting news for awhile now, and we can finally tell it to the world!   Implemented for its many benefits over traditional extinguishers, such as: It leaves...

Don’t delay getting your Fire Safety Stick

Don't delay getting your Fire Safety Stick So many times, we hear of people wishing they got a Fire Safety Stick before it was too late. Westley Waller was a prime example, sadly he lost his recovery truck to fire despite meaning to get his Fire Safety Stick months...

Why you should service your traditional fire extinguisher!

Why it's important to service your traditional extinguisher (especially if you have them in vehicles)! The Fire Safety Stick fire extinguisher is a compact, light, and portable Fire Extinguisher with incredible firefighting abilities. Following its success in several...

Another Save By The Fire Safety Stick

Yet another TVR classic car has been saved by the Fire Safety Stick! Back in September 2021, a member of the TVRCC (the UK owners club), Finn Kolling, based in Denmark, had just reversed his 1992 Griffith 400 out of his garage. He left the engine running while he got...

Fire Safety Stick prevents a total loss again

Fire Safety Stick prevents another total loss   Wigan Motor Club crew, Martin Fox & Lauren Hewitt were taking part on a Stage Rally at Leconfield, near Beverley in Yorkshire, in their Porsche Cayman rally car,  back in late August 2021. Unfortunately, on the...

Fire Safety Stick outperforms 3 FIA Approved Extinguishers

Fire Safety Stick outperforms 3 FIA Approved Extinguishers Ian Paterson was competing in the recent Argyll Rally when his rally car had a fire. Ian and his team instinctively activated the cars on board Fire suppression system, as well as two FIA approved handheld...

Stop chimney fires with the Fire Safety Stick

Did you know that there are approximately 7,000 chimney fires each year in the UK and over 2,000 in Ireland.   Log burning stove or open fire place - The Fire Safety Stick can extinguish chimney fires   As the weather turns colder, we all love the heat from...

Caravan Safety and the Fire Safety Stick

Which fire extinguisher do you carry in your caravan? Caravans and Fire extinguishers Dan from YouTube channel Carrs & Caravan recently bought a 25 second Fire Safety Stick for his caravan. Unknown to the team here at FSS HQ, we weren't aware of his plans to...

Motorhomes and Fire Safety Stick

Which fire extinguisher do you carry in your motorhome? Motorhomes and Fire extinguishers A review by well know YouTubers “John & Mandy on Tour” demonstrating the difference of a heavy dry powder extinguisher which is carried by most motorhome owners and that of...

The Kitchen Utensil Every Home Should Have

Fire Safety Stick – The kitchen utensil every home should have   Household fires – the advice is to get out and stay out. Now with the Fire Safety Stick, you can do that while it extinguishes a fire before it takes hold.   Earlier in the Summer, Richard Sails was...

Fire Safety Stick Saves The Day At The Roger Albert Clark Rally 2019

From one of our distributors Race and Rally: Fire Safety Stick saves the day at the Roger Albert Clark Rally 2019 On the opening evening of the gruelling RAC Rally, DGM Sport boss David Greer stopped at the scene of a road section fire in the Lee Ashberry/Terry Mallin...

Car Engine Fire And Yet Still Drove Home Thanks To The Fire Safety Stick

So does the Fire Safety Stick actually work? Ask TVR owner Dave! Car engine fire and still drove home! Driving home from Oulton Park in August, Dave Crook’s TVR Tuscan caught fire. The flames from the carburettors were coming out of the vents in the bonnet towards the...

Sporting Bears!

Click here to purchase your Fire Safety Sticks with the Exclusive 15% off Recommended Retail Price

Remember you can save even more with the multi-packs.

Follow this link to go to the online store (new window) the discount coupon code (SportingBears15FSS) will automatically be added. Prices shown are RRP, with the discount being applied to your basket.

 Please note we can only ship to the UK. Orders below £90 (after discount) will be shipped at £4 and orders over £90 will be shipped FREE. For any queries, contact fellow Sporting Bear – Andrew Robinson 

Where is the Fire Safety Stick?

No matter which sector/industry you belong to, or are interested in, the Fire Safety Stick is there already making a difference and protecting people’s lives, possessions and businesses. We cover sectors including Homes, Cars, Motorsport, Touring, Commercial Vehicles, Marine, Agriculture, Equine, Trades and Outdoor.

All Round Fire Protection

Classification A – Solid Materials such as Plastic, Wood, Paper, Textiles etc.

Classification B – Flammable Liquids such as Petrol, Diesel, Oil, Paraffin etc.

Classification C – Flammable Gases such as Methane, Propane, Butane etc.

Electrical (up to 100,000v) – items such as TVs, Computers, “White-Goods” etc.

Classification F – Cooking Oils & Fats e.g. in the kitchen Cooking, Frying etc.

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