How to upgrade your Fire Safety Stick

Already bought a regular Fire Safety Stick, but having seen the page Which FSS is right for me – Insert link, you now want to upgrade it with a tamper tag and extra mounting clip OR because you are installing this highly versatile extinguisher in a location where people other than yourself may need to use it?

Well because the main units are the still same, it is possible to upgrade your existing regular Fire Safety Stick to a Utility/Agri version, or to a Fire Safety Stick PRO installation. Of course, ideally, you would have selected the right option at the point of purchase, so next time you need to get more, why not ask your approved fire safety stick distributor for either the Utility/Agri Pack or even the Fire Safety Stick PRO at the point of purchase.

Ask your approved distributor about the Upgrade Kits as they should have them in stock. If they don’t, no problem, we have created convenient links below to purchase them.

To fit the loose tamper tags to the bottom striker cap to prevent it from being lost, simply follow this this link to watch the video. – How to fit tamper tags

Need to download the Maintenance Inspection Log –  Click This Link

Fire Safety Stick –  Regular to Utility / Agri Packs

Upgrade the standard Fire Safety Stick to the Utility version. Ideal for vehicles or machinery under more extreme movements/vibrations. Also, for some non-dmoestic installations.


  • Loose Tamper-tag which can be easily fitted to the bottom striker cap to prevent loss. There is a video to view for clear instructions.
  • Extra mounting clip – In addition to the single clip included with your original purchase, an extra clip provides a more secure mounting but also prevents vibration as the stick pivots in a single clip.
  • It is worth considering an optional vinyl self-adhesive sign with additional instructions on use and classes of fires.

Simply click on the image here to directly order your extra clip and loose tamper tag online now, enabling you to upgrade your regular Fire Safety Sticks to the Utility version:

You can also order an optional sign – a vinyl self-adhesive sticker 150cm x 220cm

Order your Fire Safety Stick upgrade kit from here

Follow the video from this link to fit the tamper tag to the bottom striker cap yourself, using an electric drill with a drill bit of around 4mm approx. How to fit Tamper Tags – video guide

If you would like to download the optional FSS Inspection Log Sheet PDF for free, Follow this link.

Fire Safety Stick –  Regular to Fire Safety Stick PRO (commercial)

Upgrade to the Fire Safety Stick PRO – simply click on the following image to order online now:

  • Select whether you need the rigid “glow-in-the-dark” sign (typically for within buildings) or the self-adhesive wall sticker (typically used on vehicles and machinery)
  • You can Download the FSS Inspection Log Sheet PDF for free, follow this link.:
  • Follow this video for instructions on how to fit the tamper tag to the bottom striker cap yourself using an electric drill with a drill bit of around 4mm approx. INSERT LINK
  • Apply the installation sticker to the black plastic handle as shown, sign and date it.
  • Apply the maintenance sticker to the flat panel on the tamper tag.
  • Fix the extra mounting clip so that the two clips securely hold the stick in place.

Order your Fire Safety Stick Upgrade pack here

(Follow the supplied QR code on the sign and inspection log for guidance on completing the regular visual maintenance inspections)


If you are responsible for a non-private dwelling or business premises and considering replacing your existing traditional extinguishers with the Fire Safety Stick, please make sure you read this page first:

Replacing traditional extinguishers in the workplace with the Fire Safety Stick?

It is crucial that you adhere to government guidelines and recommendations, ensuring that a correct Fire Risk Assessment is carried out as applied. If however, you are considering the Fire Safety Stick installations in addition to, therefore complimenting and not replacing existing extinguishers then this should not be an issue at all.