Scene of fire caused while welding, saved by the Fire Safety Stick

It’s not just on the tractors and combine harvesters that the farmers are carrying their Fire Safety Stick. They are very handy to have in their workshops too as Scott Hosking found out a few weeks ago.

Scott was busy welding in the workshop at Robert Tuckwell’s farm, Buckinghamshire when a fire broke out. Fortunately, his instinct was to go straight for the 100-second Fire Safety Stick he had installed nearby. Yes, he could have reached for one of the various dry powder extinguishers he also had nearby but he knew about the mess he would have to clear up afterwards, let alone the risks to his health if he was to inhale or ingest any of the powder.

Andrew, from the Fire Safety Stick team, popped over to see Scott on the nearby farm, to get the full story. Whilst he was there, Andrew presented him with his free replacement Fire Safety Stick as well as another 8 sticks the farm had purchased to have installed on more of the farm machinery. Scott explained to Andrew, just what happened when the fire occurred.

“I was just welding, with the metal held within a bench vice, when the phone rang. Naturally, I turned the gas supply off at the torch whilst I took the call. Unfortunately, during that time, it appeared a tiny amount of molten metal dripped from the vice and, against the odds, landed on the gas supply rubber pipe. This resulted in it burning through the pipe and igniting. I went straight for the Fire Safety Stick I had mounted by the shelves, I soon had it discharging and was amazed at just quickly it put the burning gas out. Being able to hold it in one hand meant I could quickly turn the main gas taps off, preventing any further ignition.”

“You could see just how intense the fire was by the burn marks still left on the floor since the fire several weeks earlier” Scott explained to Andrew. The Fire Safety Stick soon filled the workshop up with the vapour, but he was amazed that it left no mess or residue at all and didn’t have any problems with breathing or visibility. “Once it had finished, I could just get rid of the spent stick and opened the workshop doors and within half an hour or so there was no sign of fire (except the fire marks on the floor!) or fire extinguisher discharge.”

Having had fires before, Scott knew too well the mess that the large powder extinguisher makes. In fact, previously, he had managed to get a lot of the dry powder over himself, including breathing some in and it wasn’t pleasant at all! That was just one of the reasons he recommended the Fire Safety Stick for use on the farm last year. And now having needed to use it, he’s seen for himself just how effective, easy to use and mess-free, the Fire Safety Stick was when used within the farm workshop. The farm now has even more Fire Safety Sticks being installed on the various tractors, combines and other machinery.

Scott receiving his FREE replacement FSS100 care of the Fire Safety Stick team

The fire-marked floor is the only remaining evidence after the fire

The FSS team on-site getting the full story from the fire and delivery more Fire Safety Sticks to the farm