A quick guide to choosing the right model Fire Safety Stick

Ok, so you like the Fire Safety Stick and can see the benefits and advantages that it offers for fire protection, but just not sure just which model is right for you? Should you choose the FSS50 with its minimum 50-second discharge time or perhaps the FSS100 with its minimum 100 seconds worth of discharging time?

But did you know there are further options for those two models which could benefit you depending on the intended location they are to be stored?

The Standard version contains the Fire Safety Stick and single mounting clip. This is the type available from all our approved distributors across the UK and Ireland.
Then we have the Utility or Agri Pack versions, typically for vehicles used in more tough environments such as on the farm.
Finally, we have the Fire Safety Stick PRO versions, these are intended for more commercial locations.

Of course, the following are just our guidelines and suggestions on typical installations and from that information, you will decide on what you think is the better option. After all, you know the actual location and potential use far more than we do!

First question, what size or discharge time do you want?

FSS50 or FSS100

Firstly, these work in exactly the same way as each other, with very similar dimensions, though the FSS100 is slightly longer and weighs a few grams more. In the majority of cases, providing you are dealing with a small fire (as intended for all extinguishers), holding the stick directly towards the fire, it should extinguish the fire quite quickly (of course subject to many situational variables). In this case, the FSS50 would be fine.

But if the fire is too large for you to stay and fight it, within a confined space, then the FSS100 gives much more time to leave it discharging, repressing the fire whilst you have escaped to safety. Other indications to choose the FSS100 are for larger equipment fires such as tractors or combine harvesters on the farm. Other examples where the user may choose the FSS100 over the FSS50 could be on a boat, particularly when protecting against an engine fire where safety is paramount. Perhaps, also for very high-value items such as classic cars or those competing in motorsport. But for the vast majority of installations around the home for example, then the FSS50 is ideal.

Still want added protection? We would recommend you consider the double packs of two FSS50 instead of a single FSS100. That way if just a small fire, you have only used the single FSS50 but if more was needed you still have the second FSS50 to call upon.


Typically used for:

Home, Car, Garage/Workshop, Boat, Caravan, Motorhome


Typically used for:

Farming Equipment/Machinery, Larger Motorhomes, Engine Bays of Maribe Vessels, Motorsport competitors

Don’t forget if purchasing more than one, as your distributor if they do “multi-packs” offering greater savings

Standard Fire Safety Stick, or Utility/Agri Packs, or even the Fire Safety Stick PRO?

For the vast majority of cases in the domestic market, the regular FSS50 and FSS100 are just perfect. These still come with a free mounting clip to fix securely to a wall, inside a cupboard door or wherever is close to hand in an emergency.

But what if it’s going into a van or other commercial vehicle, mounted on agriculture equipment, within a motorsport vehicle, on boats and even some campers and motorhomes that are likely to see rougher terrain?

The Utility or Agri (Agriculture) packs will be much more suitable. With the extra mounting clip, these provide some extra security for mounting (as well as avoiding the vibration of the stick when fitted directly to the vehicle body with a single clip). Importantly, they also ensure the bottom striker cap is not lost, as it is tethered with a tamper tag to the handle.

Are you thinking you should have bought a Utility/Agri Pack version instead of the regular version? Not a problem – visit this page to see how you can easily upgrade from the regular Fire Safety Stick to this more rugged version. >>>

Upgrading your Standard FSS to Utility

Fire Safety Stick PRO

Fire Safety Stick PRO

Installing the Fire Safety Stick within a commercial environment such as a place where different people may need to use it?

Here we take the utility /Agri pack version (with the fitted tamper tag and extra mounting clip) and add suitable signage as well as an installation date sticker on the handle and an inspection check sticker on the tamper tag. We also include a free download of the Fire Safety Stick Inspection Log Sheet. This log sheet allows the responsible person to carry out regular visual checks to maintain the sticks so that they fit to be used throughout their 15 year-plus life span

These would be required for any non-domestic or commercial applications. For example, any installation that it may be needed to be used by people other than the owner or their family, this could be a holiday-let or Air BnB. Also, into commercial or company vehicles.

Are you thinking you should have bought a Fire Safety Stick PRO version?

Not a problem – visit this page to see how you can easily upgrade from the regular Fire Safety Stick to this more suitable version. >>

How to upgrade your standard Fire Safety Stick to the FSS PRO

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Replacing traditional extinguishers in the workplace with the Fire Safety Stick: