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Considering Selling the Fire Safety Stick for yourself?  Then Read on…

OK, so you have seen the Fire Safety Stick, and you can see a potential opportunity to sell this innovative fire extinguisher to your contacts or customer base. Maybe even to a particular sector that we haven’t already considered? In which case, please get in touch with us, using the form below, and we can discuss the best options that will work for both you and ourselves. 

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Kent Fire and Rescue Services - Officers cars with Fire Safety Stick installed
Carried by regional fire services and other emergency services (eg Kent Fire and Rescue Service)
Adopted by many leading UK companies and organisations (eg in 300x Post Office vehicles)
Incredible reputation throughout the classic and motorsport sectors (In particular rallying as well as a leading F1 team)

Fire Safety Stick in 90 seconds!

Still a bit confused about the Fire Safety Stick and how it’s better for you?

Don’t worry! Watch this video that quickly summarises the benefits of it, and you can make an informed decision about what is best to protect yourself and your lifestyle. If you still have questions or would like to learn more please go to our ‘about’ page.


Let us give you a little bit of background to ourselves and the route to market. We are the sole importers to the UK and Ireland (and some more regions too) of the Fire Safety Stick. The product is manufactured in Italy and is exported around the world under different brand names, for example in North America it is called Element, in Australia/NZ and South Africa it is known as Fire Stryker, and in other regions it is often called Fire Suppression System. Although each region is a separate business and independent, we all work closely together and have forged very good relationships with each other. So, if your business model is to sell the Fire Safety Stick in the USA, still talk to us and we can introduce you to the folks at Element.

The owners and senior management team behind Fire Safety Stick in the UK, actually come from a fire safety background, in fact the owner, prior to Fire Safety Stick, actually owned one of the UKs leading fire safety companies specialising in commercial fire extinguishers, smoke ventilation systems and other life safety products. It is his vision that drove him to the Fire Safety Stick, knowing the impact it would have as protection from the risks of fire, not just in many sectors and businesses, but far more importantly in everyone’s homes.. And it is this philosophy which still drives our business today.

The product was launched in the UK and then Ireland in early 2019, but we are not some business only wanting to merely “shift the boxes” as we come from an experienced fire safety background, we know the business and we are not here to oversell the product. We are passionate about promoting and educating fire safety. And because we understand the industry and the latest legal requirements along with best practices, we can advise you and your client base accordingly.

So, what does that all mean for you?

Well, firstly we are not interested in anyone who thinks this can be just another get-rich-quick scheme. We are only looking for partners who share our passion and yes, of course, have seen a business opportunity but have the drive to sell and promote the product correctly and responsibly. And we are always available to help and support you with our knowledge, experience as well as marketing tools every step of the way. The team have purposely grown the business organically, controlling how the product is marketed and sold. It is important to remember this is not only a life safety device and so must therefore not be mis-sold, but also, it is relatively new technology to the public and so needs total education on how the Fire Safety Stick works, along with its advantages/disadvantages over traditional, pressurised extinguishers. So, if you think you can join us on this journey and have what it takes, please read on.

Company growth

When we launched in early 2019, we looked at how to get this new product to the market. With our aim to get it into potentially everyone’s homes, that was going to take some marketing effort and budget! We decided we would approach the areas that many had passion in their hobbies and interests, but they already knew of the possibility of fire risks. Sectors that the Fire Safety Stick would make a real difference. It was no coincidence that we elected for classic and kit cars, followed by motorsport, motorhomes and marine. Initially, we sold directly and established the brand and product at exhibitions and shows. It immediately gained a positive reputation, following several fires successfully, and very effectively, extinguished by the Fire Safety Stick, usually causing no residue damage too.

As a result, we were soon inundated with requests for distributors and from there, we soon built up a network of distributors around the two nations in many different sectors. As a result, we don’t typically sell direct and rely upon our network of distributors. In fact, at the time of writing this article we currently have well over 300. But don’t worry, there are still many sectors and regions that still have great potential!

We should point out that not all that applied were awarded the status of approved distributor, as they didn’t meet the criteria that we determined necessary to represent the brand. However, we are proud of our selection process and can happily add that very, very few have fallen away from being outlets listed on our site.

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For many of our distributors their income is not just from direct sales to the consumer but have also set up their own network of distributors and so also earn from their sales in addition. Those distributors not buying from us direct, still have to meet the criteria to become approve distributors and we still support them every step of the way. For example, they are still listed on our website as outlets, but the consumer would not be aware at all. In fact, there are some key, well know names listed that only buy via existing direct distributors and not from us.

Why do we have a very low “churn rate” with distributors? Well, we have set up many tools to support all distributors and help protect their business. When we have that conversation with you about your opportunities with Fire Safety Stick, we can discuss with you exactly what those tools are.

The following are the sectors that we have already or about to target, as we know they offer further scope and demand for the Fire Safety Stick. Of course, our original sectors of classic, specialist motor vehicles and motorsports are well covered, but there is without doubt, further opportunities within these still, so don’t rule them out. Then there are caravans and motorhomes, marine (chandleries for example), agriculture (farming but also equestrian etc), commercial vehicles is an area we are currently very keen to grow within.

Commercial premises (offices, warehouses etc) is without doubt a great opportunity too but requires careful management and experience, we would discuss with you in great detail how to approach this particular sector. Other sectors we are looking to expand into more are the trades (selling to plumbers, roofers, electricians, hot works etc) and outdoor – such as camping, hiking, fishing. And of course, let’s not forget the key marketplace, the home – whether log burner installers, general home services, or for example, it could be an additional revenue stream for electricians or plumbers visiting homes. Which sector suitable for the Fire Safety Stick is your expertise in?

So, what options do we offer for those who would like to offer the Fire Safety Stick in their business offering?

We have many different solutions available, as of course, one solution does not fit all. Therefore, we will discuss with you in person the best option for you and your aims and goals. This could be a simple agent format facilitating and guiding the sale and implementation to a large corporate perhaps, and thereby earning commission. However, most go down the route of buying stock from us and reselling it, plus it’s the most profitable for you. The majority sell that initial quantity of sticks quite quickly and place re-orders very shortly afterwards. For smaller retail outlets, we have an option of buying a lesser quantity of units but includes a point-of-sale display unit. Should buying from us direct not suit, then we can introduce you with the option of buying stock via an existing reseller.

Regardless of which option you elect, we still offer the full marketing support and materials, as well as listing as an approved distributor (once you have completed the onboarding process). We are constantly expanding the marketing support for all our resellers and if ever you need something bespoke, we are ready to assist in producing that material too.

What we don’t offer is a franchise! All your purchases from us are tangible stock or physical marketing items (optional display stands or distributor stickers for example). There are no administration or licensing fees in becoming a reseller or agent. The stock you purchase is an asset which you will then resell on, earning you income. It really is that simple. And yes, as mentioned above, there are also significant opportunities to earn by selling your stock to an additional network of resellers, providing they are approved distributors of course.

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Our Future Plans and the Development of the Fire Safety Stick

Well currently, we are concentrating on the handheld fire safety stick unit here in the UK and Ireland but rest assured, we are not just working on that. There are many other projects directly related to the Fire Safety Stick that we are also working on in the background and when it is ready to be introduced, we will ensure our approved distributors are the first to know, so that we can share that potential opportunity with you too.

So, what next? If we have whetted your appetite and can see the right type of potential business opportunity for yourself, and you are sure that you can fit within our fire safety and business philosophy, get in touch! Complete the form below, and we will discuss with you, your situation and proposal. From there, we will invite to visit our offices in Luton, so that you can see the Fire Safety Stick in a live fire demonstration and get to fully know, the Fire Safety Stick team, the product, our journey with it and explore the exciting possibilities ahead of you.

Where is the Fire Safety Stick?

No matter which sector/industry you belong to, or are interested in, the Fire Safety Stick is there already making a difference and protecting people’s lives, possessions and businesses. We cover sectors including Homes, Cars, Motorsport, Touring, Commercial Vehicles, Marine, Agriculture, Equine, Trades and Outdoor.

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