Compare the potential cost savings – for a typical office installation


Here we have a real-life example of a small to medium commercial building of a ground floor and first floor. In fact, it is our very own offices here at Fire Safety Stick HQ. There is a small kitchen area on both floors with offices upstairs and a warehouse and loading bay downstairs. A typical fire risk assessment would have suggested four pairs of both water (6 litre) and dry powder (6kg) traditional extinguishers and two fire blankets.

Traditional pressurised extinguishers only have an expected life of five years, provided they have been serviced every year, whereas the Fire Safety Stick has a life of at least fifteen years without needing servicing. Having written our fire safety strategy around using the Fire Safety Sticks as a means to aid escape from the building, it was found that the traditional extinguishers could be safely replaced with seven Fire Safety Sticks instead. The Fire Safety Sticks are certified for kitchen fires, they are also able to replace the fire blankets as a safer-to-use alternative.

Once installed by being securely mounted to the walls in key locations, we added the photo-luminescent signs indicating the location, the model of Fire Safety Stick installed as well the classifications of fires it has been certified for and basic instructions on how to use. We have even included QR codes directing users on how to use the sticks in case of an emergency. Additional requirements for the installation include a tamper tag securing the bottom striker cap in place, a sticker indicating the installation date as well as space to indicate maintenance dates. Finally, a logbook to record the maintenance inspections.

Maintenance & Servicing

Although the Fire Safety Sticks need to be inspected and maintained like traditional extinguishers, they don’t need to be serviced by fire safety engineers. The inspections can be carried out by the responsible person for the building and so save the expense of employing an external fire safety company to attend each year.
Even with annual servicing, traditional extinguishers only have a life-cycle of 5 years whereas the Fire Safety Sticks have a life-cycle of 15 years. Therefore to truly do the price comparison, we will look at the anticipated costs over that 15-year period. For more information on the suggested maintenance checks  – click here

So we need to compare the initial installation costs for both options, plus the replacement costs of the traditional extinguisher option at years 5 and 10. Plus the annual servicing costs. The costs shown are based upon an actual quotation from a fire safety company.

The overall cost saving for the business is £3,260 plus VAT over the 15-year period.

That figure doesn’t even factor in the clear-up costs if the extinguishers ever need to be deployed. Typically traditional extinguishers can cause more damage than that of the fire itself. Since installation, we have been visited by the local fire brigade to inspect our building and ensure that our fire safety measures are all correct and that there are no breaches. Needless to say, they were very impressed with the Fire Safety Stick solution and the building passed with flying colours.


  • 7x FSS 50 units (@£100 per unit) with professional installation including signs, tamper-tags, maintenance stickers and logbooks.
  • Traditional extinguisher servicing cost per year is £159 for 8x extinguishers and fire blankets.
  • All Prices are plus VAT


Further Advantages of the Fire Safety Stick

All Major Classes of Fire

Certified for A, B, C, Electrical (100,000v) and F. No need for multiple types of extinguisher and no dangerous gambling using the wrong type of extinguisher

15-year Shelf Life

Triple the lifespan than most other extinguishers and needs no servicing during that time.

No Damaging Mess or Residue

Even on engines doesn’t cause any further damage

Longer Discharge Times

Giving much longer time to deal with or escape from the fire

CE/UKCA Certified & Marked

Holds many worldwide accreditations and certifications


Non-pressurised – Drop it, pierce it, it will still work!

The Worlds Smallest & Lightest

Weighing from just 215g and measuring 27cm x 3cm

Environmentally Friendly

No harmful by-products to the environment, humans or animals. Does not affect the ozone layer at all.

Leave it to fight the fire while you escape

Or use it directly to aid escape, using its long discharge time

The Difference Between Servicing and Maintenance

The Fire Safety Stick needs no servicing during its life-cycle of 15 years, it just needs to be visually inspected or maintained and logged by the building owner or responsible person, therefore it should not need an external fire servicing company to attend during that time. It should also be noted that at end of life, traditional extinguishers cannot be just disposed of, but because they are pressurised systems, they must be professionally recycled. 

Of course, if you prefer, you can have your existing fire or security company carry out the maintenance checks and log them in your on-site fire safety logbook, whilst they are on site. The Fire Safety Stick is not pressurised and once discharged, can be easily domestically recycled as all that remains is an aluminium tube and a plastic handle.

If you would like more information about utilising the Fire Safety Stick Pro within your business, please complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss the best options for you.