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Fire Safety in your Car

Have you got a fire extinguisher in your Vehicle? 

Perishing fuel lines, overflowing carburetors or a wiring loose connection classic cars and motorcycles are more prone to fires than modern vehicles. And of course our pride and joys cannot be easily replaed by insurance.

Here’s the really amazing thing though, it leaves no mess and no residue from it at all. All powder and foam extinguishers leave such a mess that, regardless of the fire, your engine and bodywork could well be ruined as a result.Watch our videos demonstrating just how amazing the Fire Safety Stick is for classic cars, motorbikes, in fact all vehicles.

The Worlds Lightest

From just 215g, it’s the most compact Fire Extinguisher.

15 Year Shelf Life

Most traditional extinguishers have a 5 year shelf life and must be serviced

No Corrosive Mess or Residue

Traditional extinguishers often create more damage than the fire

All Major Classes of Fire

Even kitchen fires. No dangerous gambling if you have the right type

Longer Discharge Times

Min discharge time is 50 seconds, and a 1kg powder extinguisher is just 7 seconds

No Servicing

Unlike traditional extinguishers, the Fire Safety stick requires NO Servicing!

Featured on Jay Leno’s Garage

Don’t take just our word for it, the product has been featured by Jay Leno for Fire Safety Stick in the USA (In the North America and Canada territories, Fire safety Stick is marketed as Element Fire)

The Fire Safety Stick is totally different and not like any extinguisher you have seen before. Firstly is incredibly small and light and yet even the smallest model has more than double the discharge time that a 3.5kg powder extinguisher has. Plus, It needs NO servicing, and is proven to have a life cycle of at least 15 years and is likely to be much more.

Having spoken to so many classic car owners at shows, it seems many know they need to carry an extinguisher but very few ensure they are serviced every year. Just checking that little pressure gauge is not enough either as the O-rings can perish over time. Imagine that crucial moment when you need that extinguisher and find out it doesn’t work.


Buy a Fire Safety Stick

Fire Safety Stick
50 Seconds

For Small to Medium Cars

Fire Safety Stick
100 Seconds

For Larger Cars (SUVS, Vans etc)

Vehicle Fires per Year in the UK

Vehicle Fires per Day in the UK

Deaths caused by Vehicle Fires in the UK per Year

Case Studies

“This was just what I was looking for – a fire extinguisher that is light, effective and does not leave a mess. I hope I never have to use it but I am very glad to have one in the Caterham and another in our Airstream trailer.”

C. Hudson

“Nice & lightweight & easy to fit in space. Hopefully it will work if it’s ever needed, with luck I won’t be finding out!”

M. Larry