Watch our Fire Safety Stick videos

Watch this short introductory video about the Fire Safety Stick.

In just around 90 seconds we will give you a brief insight to the new, totally different fire extinguisher. You will see the types of fires it can extinguish plus a short explanation of some of its advantages. Want a more detailed video? We have that further down this page where we can go more about how it works and some important do’s and don’ts.


Extinguishing a chimney fire
Extinguishing 3x different classes of fires
How many times can it extinguish a gas fire?
Extreme durability test – dropped, cut and drilled!
This time drilled completely through the FSS
Real-life car fire in USA (footage – Element Fire*)
Demonstration with regional fire and ambulance services
Cooking oil fire in the kitchen
How many times can it extinguish a gas fire?

Watch this more detailed Information Video to understand more and get the answers to some of the queries you might have about the Fire Safety Stick.

Its already saved many including fires in the home (kitchen and chimney fires), plus also in many cars, vans, motorhomes, caravans and boats. It’s many successes mean it’s now been carried in the vehicles of the emergency services! And even used in Formula One!


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And around the world (Element / Fire Stryker)

*Element / Element Fire is the equivalent brand name in North America