Some Videos demonstrating how unique and effective the Fire Safety Stick is

Introducing the Fire Safety Stick

Bringing fire extinguishing into the 21st century!

Here are some useful videos to demonstrate how versatile, effective and easy to use the Fire Safety Stick is.

Car Engine Fire

Manufacturers demonstration under controlled conditions to put a fire out

Does it cause damage to your car, like a Dry Powder extinguisher would?

I’ll risk it on my own car to prove it it doesn’t!

How easy is it to activate? Is it safe?

These are just some of the questions we answer following our first day after launching this website.

Ideal for boats


As featured on The Jay Leno YouTube channel

Care of our American distributors Element Fire, here is the famous Jay Leno giving his unbiased opinion about how great the Fire Safety Stick is. He shows how easy it is to activate and why its important to have it easily at hand in you car.

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