Fire and your classic car – are you protected?


The Fire Safety Stick is the must-have extinguisher you must have to protect your classic car, as well as your garage, workshop and even home. If you haven’t already got one and you are visiting the Practical Classic Car and Restoration Show at the NEC from Friday 18th March to Sunday 20th March 2022 then why not visit Hamilton Classics in Hall 5 to get yours. They are on stand 5120, just below the stairs in Hall 5.

As well as selling car covers and other motoring accessories, they are also one of our leading distributors. The Fire Safety Stick is already well proven in the classic car and motorsport sectors. Not only is it incredibly small and light (weighing just 215g) with a discharge time of at least 8 times that of a 1kg dry powder, it also leaves no damaging mess or residue. If fact, we have several examples of users, extinguishing engine fires with it and then still being able to drive the car straight away once they made sure it was safe to do so. Plus, it works on all major classes of fires, so there’s no dangerous gambling which extinguisher to use. So use the opportunity whilst at the show to visit Hamiltons Classics to get your Fire Safety Stick at a special show price.

If you aren’t able to visit Hamiltons stand during the show, why not buy one direct from them online – just follow this link Buy direct from Hamilton Classics 

For other distributors, please follow the link: Where to buy

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