Which fire extinguisher do you carry in your motorhome?

Motorhomes and Fire extinguishers

A review by well know YouTubers “John & Mandy on Tour” demonstrating the difference of a heavy dry powder extinguisher which is carried by most motorhome owners and that of the Fire Safety Stick.

You will see in the video, using the traditional powder extinguisher in the small confines of the vehicle could have devastating effects, possibly causing much more damage or danger. With the Fire Safety Stick it’s much safer to use and without the excess pressure, less likely to create a potential flare-up (watch the video)

Just look at the mess that the powder extinguisher leaves, remember that not just a quick vacuum and wipe down. The powder is highly corrosive to surfaces that it comes in contact. Plus, should not be breathed in. In fact, the use of powder extinguishers are to be avoided with confined areas inside. With the Fire Safety Stick, you can even use it for cooking oil or fat fires in the oven, grill or hob.

Then of course, as John points out compare the added weight of the old extinguisher and size of the traditional extinguisher, not ideal in a vehicle where every added bit of weight or space taken is an issue.

Anyway, don’t take our word watch the video with John thoughts on the Fire Safety Stick. Just click on the thumbnail below to view the video directly.

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