Not just one but potentially several valuable, rare classics (and future classics) saved with a single Fire Safety Stick! We recently came across yet another case of the Fire Safety Stick saving certainly one very collectable car and fortunately avoiding the fire from spreading to other nearby collectable cars.

Keith Winter, sent a message to us here at Fire Safety Stick HQ asking about buying some more as he had to use his existing stick. When that certainly intrigued us to find out more, so we got in touch with Keith and he explained what happened and more importantly, what didn’t happen!

“Whilst setting up the twin Weber’s on my Mk 2 Lotus Cortina, with the engine running I required a smaller screwdriver to adjust the balance of the two carburettors which was in the boot. Once selected I started to walk back to the engine bay, I saw smoke coming out of the open driver’s door window.”

“On inspection, the wiring had shorted out and burnt through the oil pressure gauge plastic feed pipe, with the engine still ticking over the severed oil pipe was dripping ignited oil onto the carpets which had started to smoulder.”

“I quickly killed the cars electrics with an electric supply cut out switch located in the boot then dashed to my storeroom adjacent to the garage to get my Fire Stick which was used to put out the flames from the oil and carpets very efficiently. These events are captured on my home CCTV which is provided.” (Highlights of which are shown below)

“Had I not had the Fire Stick the whole event could have been much worse with a rare Lotus Europa SE (only 47 produced worldwide) adjacent to my Cortina in the garage, a very low mileage stock 2018 Ford Focus RS (limited edition) and my sons 2022 Toyota Yaris GR parked in the carport in front of the garage which is enclosed with roller shutter doors for security reasons.”

So as you can see, Keith had a very lucky escape and he was very thankful he had his Fire Safety Stick. And we are thankful for him passing the full details onto us, as a result, we were happy to replace that spent stick with a fresh new one, we just hope he doesn’t need to use this one any time soon!

Watch the CCTV of the incident unfold – click on the thumbnail